Roomba 805 vs. Roomba 860

In recent years, the market share of robotic vacuum cleaners has grown exponentially. These devices are now so versatile that they can be used on a variety of different surfaces. And as they have become increasingly efficient—and the price tag has come down—their popularity has skyrocketed. At the top of the robotic vacuum cleaner industry is iRobot. The company is known for constantly improving its products, and its continuous innovation is what keeps it at the top. Its best-known product line is the Roomba. It can be difficult for potential buyers to decide which edition of Roomba to purchase. Thus, it is imperative to compare the different models and list their pros and cons in order to accurately assess them and make an informed decision. Here, we compare the Roomba 805 and the Roomba 860—both excellent smart cleaners that are nevertheless quite different from each other.

Quick Comparison Table

FeatureRoomba 805Roomba 860
Dimensions14 × 14 × 3.6 in.13.9 × 13.9 × 3.6 in.
Weight8.4 lbs. (3.8 kg)8.4 lbs. (3.8 kg)
PowerStrong (5x more than 700 & 600)Strong (5x more than 700 & 600)
Battery LifeLongLong
Smart CleaningYesYes
Easy to UseYesYes
AeroForce High Efficiency FilterYesYes
Batteries1 lithium-ion battery1 lithium-ion battery
Warranty1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on both robot and battery1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on both robot and battery

Roomba 805

The Roomba 805 has a number of features that make it unique among robotic vacuum cleaners. Topmost is its AeroForce Cleaning System. It delivers up to 5 times more air power than other cleaners do for an up to 50 percent better cleaning performance. That means it can effortlessly work on every type of flooring. You can either press the CLEAN button or schedule it to run up to 7 times a week. Its sleek design enables the Roomba 805 to fit under most furniture and kickboards.

Key Features

  • The iAdapt Navigation System is built around an advanced software system with all-around sensors that allow the Roomba 805 to adapt to your home landscape and get into areas you can’t easily reach.
  • The AeroForce Cleaning System not only delivers a superior cleaning performance, it also introduces a 3-state cleaning system with dual debris extractors and a Gen 2 motor for easier maintenance.
  • The debris extractors are essential to the vacuum cleaner’s ability to pick up and break down whatever dirt is found. Tangle-free extractors work to prevent any clogs once the debris is sucked up.
  • The AeroForce Cleaning System also comes with a high-efficiency filter. This type of filter captures 99% of all dust particles—some as small as 10 microns—which means no dirt is left behind.
  • The two Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers work to keep the Roomba 805 away from staircases and any other drop-offs within your home. They also enable to vacuum to adjust to whatever type of flooring that is being cleaned: carpet, laminate, tile, or hardwood.
  • The built-in lithium-ion battery has a life cycle that is about 3 times longer than that of other batteries. A lithium-ion battery is perfect for a topnotch cleaning performance, because it means slow battery usage, an overall longer battery life, and quicker charging time.


  • The Roomba 805 has a compact design that enables it to clean under most types of furniture and all hard-to-reach corners of your home.
  • It is particularly easy to use and maintain. Operating this vacuum cleaner is very intuitive, with one button to push to start the cleaning. Additionally, the vacuum can be scheduled to run at predetermined times, up to 7 times a week.
  • It automatically adjusts to any type of flooring found within your home, and it effortlessly goes from one surface to another.
  • The included battery las t up to 3 times longer than others.


  • While this is a valuable robotic cleaner, there are now later models on the marked that come with additional and more advanced features.

Overall Performance

A satisfying performance is obviously the most important feature of any vacuum cleaner, whether it is robotic or not. If the buyer is not completely happy, then it doesn’t matter how advanced the appliance’s features might be.

Though slightly outdated, the Roomba 805 is still a worthy investment. The previously mentioned AeroForce Cleaning System with its high-efficiency filter makes this device particularly attractive for people with allergies. It will capture 99% of all allergens, pollen, and dust that swirl around the floors of your home. Soft-touch bumpers that surround the Roomba 805 detect walls and other obstacles and make the device slow down during the approach to avoid causing any type of damage. Spinning side brushes push all detected debris into the path of the cleaning system. This means that even dirt in corners and along the edges of the walls will get sucked up. Finally, the automatic adjustment to different types of flooring makes the Roomba 805 a versatile and attractive smart cleaner.

What’s in the Box?

  • Roomba 805
  • Docking station
  • 1 additional filter
  • Instruction manual

Roomba 860

The Roomba 860 has a number of unique features that make it an efficient robotic cleaner. On the top of the list are dual counter-rotating, rubber debris extractors that effortlessly grab dirt from all types of flooring—from hardwood and linoleum to carpet and tile. The extractors are designed in a way that minimizes the chance of hair getting tangled and debris getting clogged inside. Both lower the need for maintenance. The overall cleaning capability has been enhanced, compared to earlier models. And like the Roomba 805, you can schedule up to 7 cleaning runs ahead of time. Overall, this is an attractive option among robotic cleaners.

Key Features

  • The Roomba 860 features responsive navigation technology that enables it to vacuum the entire house without interruption or missed areas. It moves well around furniture and along walls.
  • The unique Aeroforce Cleaning System comes with debris extractors that have a durable rubber tread design. They can grab dirt from any type of flooring and reduce the chance of it getting tangled inside the vacuum. This lowers the need for brush maintenance.
  • Its Gen 2 motor enhances the vacuum’s cleaning performance up to 5 times and requires less maintenance than the motors of older models.
  • The Roomba 860 operates with Dirt Detect Series II technology. It is built on optical and acoustic sensors that detect particularly dirty areas of your home and guide the robot to clean them with a combination of agitation, brushing, and suction.
  • You have the option to set a virtual wall barrier. Roomba’s Virtual Wall Mode keeps the vacuum in areas you want cleaned and out of the ones that you don’t. Additionally, Halo Mode keeps it away from sensitive items like pet bowls or breakable decorations.
  • The included HEPA filtration system is of particular value to people suffering from allergies. The filter is able to trap dirt particles as small as 0.3 microns at an efficiency level of 99.9%.
  • The included lithium-ion battery has a life cycle approximately 3 times as long as that of other batteries. It charges quickly and has a low self-discharge. This means the vacuum can operate longer, with a better cleaning performance and less required maintenance.


  • The Roomba 860 requires little to no maintenance.
  • Like the Roomba 805, the 860 can be scheduled to clean at predetermined times. You can select up to 7 cleaning runs per week.
  • The Roomba 860 is an efficient and powerful vacuum. Its suction power is far superior to older models. It shortens the time it takes to effectively clean the entire house.
  • The device automatically returns to its docking station when the battery charge starts to run low. There is no need for the user to keep track of the battery, since the Roomba does it for you.


  • The Roomba 860 cannot be controlled via Wi-Fi. In today’s connected world, and with technology rapidly advancing, most electronic devices can be controlled via an app or a Wi-Fi connection. That the Roomba 860 does not offer this feature is a drawback.
  • Cleaning corners is a challenge for the Roomba 860, largely because of its circular shape. Thus, it is possible for some dirt to not be swept up.
  • This robotic vacuum tends to move erratically. While it is part of the cleaning method, it can be an odd sight to see the unit lurch around the floor.

Overall Performance

The Roomba 860 has been designed to enhance its overall cleaning capability. Improved suction power and better sensors, paired with the option to set virtual walls, ensure that the vacuumed areas are left spotless. While the motor is not as powerful as the ones included in other models, the longer battery life enables the vacuum to make more cleaning runs to ensure no dirt is left behind. In that regard, the Roomba 860 compares favorably to other robotic cleaners. The biggest drawback is the Roomba’s difficulty in cleaning corners.

What’s in the Box?

  • Roomba 860
  • Docking station
  • Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier (batteries included)
  • 1 additional HEPA filter
  • Instruction manual


The Roomba 805 and Roomba 860 are very similar to each other. They both have a circular design, iAdapt Navigation, and the AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System. The included lithium-ion battery has a long life cycle and needs less charging than other batteries. With that, the overall cleaning performance of the two models is similar and compares well to other robotic cleaners.

The main difference is that the 860 has improved sensor capabilities that help it operate with minimal mistakes. It is slightly better able to handle pet hair. Additionally, it is 4 pounds lighter than the Roomba 805 and comes in a bright silver color.

With the price of the two Roombas introduced here being similar, overall, the edge goes to the Roomba 860 for its slightly better cleaning performance.

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