iRobot Roomba 600 Series VS. 800 Series

iRobot builds robots. It’s in the title and one robot they are perfecting is the Roomba® vacuum cleaner. This little house pet that helps keep your daily vacuuming chores to a minimum. In the article, we will compare the Roomba 600 series and 800 series, and focus on the model 650, 690, 805, and 890.

All models of the Roomba® Series have one clear purpose in mind – to automatically vacuum your home, but it is the way in which they do it and the amount of interaction from the user that differs considerably.

Like all things, if price is your motivator you can pick up the more than able Roomba® 650 and have your automatic pet clean your home on a daily schedule and your desires would be met, but if you are more interested in what a few more dollars can get you and make your life that little bit easier, a consideration of further models will be in order.


650 690 805 890 verticle

 Roomba 650Roomba 690Roomba 805Roomba 890
Dimensions13.4 Diameter
by 3.6 high
13 Diameter
by 3.7 tall
13.9 diameter
by 3.6 Tall
13.9 Diameter
by 3.6 Tall
Home Base
Automatic ReturnYesYesYesYes
Virtual Wall BarrierYesYesYesYes
Patented 3-stage Cleaning
with iAdapt®
with 5x more suction
with 5x more suction
Dual Multi-surface
Edge Sweeping
with Auto Adjust
Dirt Detect ModeYesYesYesYes
Extended Life
Battery Ni-Mh
Filter TypeAeroVac™
AeroVac ™
WiFi ConnectedNoYesNoYes
Alexa and
Google Assistant
Mobile Phone
App Connectivity

There are certainly many similarities between the 650, 690, 805 and 890 models. Let’s look at the side by side comparisons.

Roomba 650 VS the 805

The Roomba 650 and the Roomba 805 automatic vacuum cleaners both offer great cleaning options. They are also priced affordably to meet a budget buyer who is aiming for their first foray into using a robot in their homes or for a home requiring a constant clean.

Roomba Dual Brushes

The Roomba 600 series should be noted for its ability to pick up pet hair very well. With its Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, it sweeps the hair into the bin with little hassle and many owners report that the efficiency of the Dual Multi-Surface Brushes is highly effective. There is one complaint that many users note, and that is the inability of the 650 to be able to untangle itself sufficiently.

Roomba Dual Brushes

The Roomba 805, using the AeroForce Tangle-Free Rollers are able to untangle itself by moving back and forth and even reversing the rollers to free itself from any cords or hair. This mean less maintenance for you and more vacuuming for your robot.

The impact from a 650 is enough to rock and possibly dislodge some of your precious items from furniture. It is not a gentle robot, choosing to rather explore with zest than to bump softly against your walls and furniture as the 805 does. Both have iAdapt Technology, utilizing over 40 sensors to monitor the cleaning area over 60 times per second.

600 AeroVac Filter VS 800 AeroForce High Efficiency Filters

The Roomba 650 has the AeroVac Technology filters and although these are sufficient to clean much of the particles for the air that is pulled through the vacuum, the Roomba 805, utilizes the AeroForce High Efficiency Filter to remove up to 99% of pollen, dust and mites from the air, producing a higher quality clean. The Roomba 805 has over 5X more suction than that of the 650, sucking up more dirt and debris and depositing into its bin.

The bin size also differs here. The Roomba 805 has a bin which can hold 60% more dirt than the 650, meaning it can clean for longer before it returns to base and waits for you to empty the bin.

The 650 does have the XLife Extended battery (Ni-MH) and is able to run a little longer, though this all depends on severity of dirt. These batteries may take a little longer to charge and if you are not using it for a little while, there will be a loss of charge from them too. The 805 has the Li-Ion battery, which is a little more reliable for homes which experience variances in temperature, and holds more power within its battery to run the motor more effectively.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum 6,136 Reviews
iRobot 805 iRobot 805 23 Reviews

Roomba 690 VS the 890

Here our comparisons really do get very close to either model. The latest offerings from iRobot are the 890 and the 690. The major improvement in both these models is the WiFI Connect which enables both robots to become Alexa and Google assistant compatible.

roomba app

Both models are also compatible with the Roomba App, giving each the ability to be controlled remotely via your phone, even when you are not at home. The app also gives live feedback and will alert you to any issues that may have occurred while you were away.

The app makes scheduling easier too, by being able to interact with a touch screen rather than by pushing buttons on top of the Roomba. This allows you to quickly set your seven-day schedule and your Roomba will get to work.

The differences though are really about cleaning ability. Can the 690 clean as effectively as the 890?

The 690 utilizes an older version of AeroVac Dual Multi-Surface Brush technology where it has a large and a small brush, with bristles that allow it to collect and deposit debris into the bin. These are both effective at removing pet hair and debris between edges, such as where a rug and carpet meet, but they are prone to getting tangled.

roomba 890 AeroForce

The 890 utilizes the AeroForce Tangle-Free Rollers, which use a specialized rubber that brings the particles of dirt and debris to the mouth of the vacuum and then, for the 5x stronger suction to deposit it into the 60% larger bin than the 690 has.

The air also leaves the 890 a lot cleaner as it passes through the AeroForce High Efficiency Filter, different to the 690 which still uses a filter but which is not as efficient at removing finer particles. The AeroForce High Efficiency Filter can remove particles to within 10 microns, creating a cleaner home for you and your family. So the air power of 890 is 5x times compared to 690.

The battery life on both shouldn’t differ too much as the Li-Ion batteries are designed with speed in charging and duration of clean.

So what’s the difference in Cleaning Performance?

The Roomba 650 and 690 will remove larger particles from the floor due to the  Dual Multi-Surface Brushes being able to ‘sweep’, in the traditional sense, the dirt and debris into the vacuum bin. That is all well and good, but with less capacity on the bin side you are left with your Roomba returning to base far more regularly for empting, and there is far more interaction from the user to keep the brushes clean.

The Roomba 805 and 890 use AeroForce Tangle-Free rollers and these are highly efficient. Married together with up to 5x more suction ability then the issue of hair and larger debris is not so much an issue anymore. It’s bin capacity is also larger, by a whopping 60%, meaning your Roomba 800 series will run for longer, cleaning your home.

Both use the iAdapt Technology too. The newer version, iAdapt 2.0 is only found on the 900 series and is far more advanced, but that is not to say the iAdapt technology is poor. Far from it! The Roomba 600 and 800 series can navigate around your rooms keeping them clean and will also be able to use its Dirt Detect mode to go over places where it senses more dirt in that area.

How do I choose between them?

For the tighter budget, then the Roomba 650 will cover all that you need. It can be scheduled and works to ensure your home is cleaned efficiently. If you have pets this may be even a better solution for you.

The 690 is an improvement over the 650, as it now sports WiFi Connect and can be voice controlled using Alexa and Google Assistant. These are very useful in creating a Smart home. If being connected and removing that pet hair is a priority, then the 690 is for you!

Just note that both these models, the 650 and 690, don’t have the AeroForce High-Efficiency Filters. They still remove the finer particles, but it is the 800 series which has a better quality of air and for allergy sufferers, that may be more important! You can of course purchase Hepa filters for your Roomba but be prepared for a loss of suction from your 805 or 890 as the filters are far more dense.

Between the 805 and the 890 there really is no contest. The 890 is worth the extra money just for the ability to connect to WiFi Connect, voice command and app compatibility. The AeroForce Tangel-Free Extractors and AeroForce High Efficiency Filters are standard on both models, so there is only the gain of the WiFI that really makes all the difference.

In Conclusion

If you are looking at deciding between the Roomba 650, 690, 805 and 890 models then it really is about pricing and WiFi. Go with the 650 and you will not be disappointed at the lower price bracket, but should you be able to afford it, the Roomba 890 model is indeed a very worthwhile cleaning companion to have in your home.

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