We have reviewed and compared a few automatic vacuums on the Vacuum Fanatics website but I think this is our first comparison of a Vacuum with a light mop feature especially for hardwood flooring and tiles. The ECOVACS DeeBot M80 is something of an anomaly in the world of robot vacuums and to appreciate if it’s for you we will compare it with the ECOVACS DeeBot N79.

Now before you go off thinking if you really need a mop feature and will it really be useful let’s look at this from a different point of view.

How about an automatic vacuum that has an additional extra that can be used when you need it, and at all other times, your robotic friend will dutifully do its duty as a vacuum? Does that sound like a great option now?

If you have hardwood flooring, tiles or very (and note I used the word VERY) thin carpets then keep reading, I think you will be surprised by this affordable vacuum that can do more than most!

What’s in the Box?

It is best we compare the items you receive in the box first to understand what you are getting.

DeeBot N79DeeBot M80
EcoVacs DeeBot N79 Automatic VacuumEcoVacs DeeBot M80 Automatic Vacuum
Charging DockCharging Dock
Power AdapterPower Cable
Remote Control (With Batteries)Remote Control (With Batteries)
Side Brushes x 4Side Brushes x 4
Sponge FilterSponge Filter
High Efficiency FilterHigh Efficiency Filter
Advanced Wet/Dry Cleaning Cloths x 2
Advanced Wet/Dry Reservoir
Measuring Cup
Quick Start Guide
Instruction ManualInstruction Manual
12-Month Warranty12-Month Warranty

You can see straight away that there is the addition of a water reservoir and advanced cleaning cloths that make the DeeBot M80 stand out from its older brother the DeeBot N79.

So how do they compare on our regular comparison chart? (I even had to update the table to add that new feature for Mopping!)

Side by Side Comparison of the ECOVACs DeeBot N79 vs ECOVAC DeeBot M80

Here are their specs side by side:

Dimensions13 inch Diameter by 3.1 high13.9 inch Diameter by 3.3 high
Home Base ChargingYesYes
Automatic ReturnYesYes
Invisible Wall BarrierNoNo
Multi-surface BrushesPartialPartial
Edge Sweeping BrushYes - TwinYes - Twin
Filter TypeHigh Efficiency FilterHigh Efficiency Filter
Other FilterSponge FilterSponge Filter
Wet/Dry Cleaning ClothsNoYes - Two
Drop SensorsYesYes
Turbo ModeNoYes - Intense Cleaning Mode
BatteryLithium Battery - 2600mAHNickel–Metal Hydride Battery - 3000mAH
Battery Life100 mins110 mins
WIFI ConnectedYesYes
Alexa and Google Assistant CompatibleNoYes
RemoteYes - batteries includedYes - batteries included
Warranty12 Months Warranty12 Months Warranty

There are a couple of differences that should be noted between these two automatic vacuums, so let’s discuss them further below.

What are the Major Differences?

Immediately those who have read the table above will notice that there are a few differences.

The batteries are different and each provides a different length of run-time available. Of course we understand that these max run-times are worked out on a smooth flat floor with little hindrance, but in reality, the length of the pile in your rug or the number of times your little friend gets stuck under the sofa trying to work its way free will all contribute to less run-time.

ECOVACS DeeBot N79, Battery life, Vacuum Fanatics, Reviews and Comparisons of Robotic Cleaners

The other difference you will have noticed is the mopping feature. This is the real genius of the new ECOVACS DeeBot M80. An automatic vacuum that not only can vacuum the dirt and debris from your floors but can also give them a light wipe too. I have to think this feature, as an added bonus really is perfect for those homes that only have hardwood, laminate or tile flooring and want to keep the place looking great.

ECOVACS DeeBot M80, Mop Feature, Vacuum Fanatics, Reviews and Comparisons of Robotic Cleaners

I won’t get your hopes up by saying you will never need to use a mop again, but you certainly won’t need to use it as much. It seems almost worthwhile using this feature every few days to keep on top of ingrained dirt which has collected from foot traffic and friendly pets.

Another difference the DeeBot M80 has in addition to the mop is it’s Intensive Cleaning Mode, where it increases its brush rotation speed and suction ability. What a superb addition to cleaning a specific area that has heavy dirt and debris.

ECOVACS DeeBot M80, Intensive Cleaning Mode, Turbo Mode, Vacuum Fanatics, Reviews and Comparisons of Robotic Cleaners

Finally, the one major difference is that the DeeBot N79 does NOT have voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Now we have discussed this before in our comparison of the DeeBot N79 vs the Roomba 690 and have to say that it seems almost ridiculous that a vacuum that already has Wifi capability is unable to be controlled by voice.

The App works perfectly well for both DeeBot’s, and you can setup scheduling and even select one of the three cleaning modes directly from the App, but the N79 just doesn’t have voice control.

What made this even more confusing was that ECOVACS in their wisdom brought our an addition to this model that did include voice control and called it the DeeBot N79s. Make of it what you will, but if you do have Amazon Alexa or Google Home then the DeeBot N79 is certainly not going to impress you when you realise it cannot be voice controlled!


There is a consideration of size when looking at these two models side by side. They are not the smallest on the market but between them, there is a difference and that may become important to you if you have low furniture or narrow chair/table legs. The DeeBot M80 is 13.9 inches wide, and no doubt will aid in using the mop facility, it is a lot larger than the DeeBot N79 which is only 13 inches wide.

This width also comes with a heavier mass. The DeeBot M80 is nearly 3 pounds heavier and as you can imagine, when you put the water reservoir in, it will become even heavier.

ECOVACS DeeBot M80, Cleaning PatternVacuum Fanatics, Reviews and Comparisons of Robotic Cleaners

Now, this may just make it work in its favour. A heavier machine means it stays closer to the floor and so it increases its suction ability.

The run-time on both vacuums is different too, and you can see that from the type and capacity of the batteries above. The increased size of the DeeBot M80 allows it run not only its own motor to vacuum but also allows it to mop the floors too.

However, the addition of the Intensive Cleaning Mode on the M80, in effect increasing the suction and rotation speed of the brush, will have a direct influence on the battery life. Using it all the time will reduce the run-time and increase the noise, but I don’t think that is the way it was intended to be used. Rather more likely to be used on tough spots and on a particular day when there was plenty of foot traffic in the house.

The DeeBot M80’s mop feature is a great addition in my opinion, but I would ask you to consider that using it regularly will involve more interaction with your automatic robot than purely just removing the dustbin and emptying it out.

The mop feature requires the Advanced Wet/Dry cleaning cloths to be cleaned and replaced and the water reservoir will also need refilling and emptying too. It is not a lot more to do since the floors are being mopped, but just a thought to bear in mind along with all the other regular maintenance that an automatic vacuum requires.

ECOVACS DeeBot M80, Anti-Spill Dustbin, Vacuum Fanatics, Reviews and Comparisons of Robotic Cleaners

How do I Choose Between the DeeBot N79 and the DeeBot M80?

I don’t think this is a difficult choice to make. They are already very well priced and almost the same money but there is one major consideration that must be noted when deciding on either of these vacuums.

What floor types do you have?

If you have a mix of carpets, thick and thin pile rugs, tiles and laminates these are not the right vacuums for you.

You will become frustrated that battery life is short and that the pickup ability of both machines is not all that great.

The DeeBot N79 and the DeeBot M80 is specifically for hardwood, laminate and tiled flooring and if you have VERY short pile rugs or carpets.

ECOVACS DeeBot N79, Cleaning Modes, Vacuum Fanatics, Reviews and Comparisons of Robotic Cleaners

Then the only choice to make is why you would even consider the DeeBot N79? It doesn’t have the mopping feature, there is no Turbo mode and there is no Voice control available.

It’s a no-brainer. Don’t waste your time on getting an older, inferior machine like the N79 when the M80 can already do more as a vacuum and it has the option of using it as a mop too.

Teething Troubles

All new owners complain about the number of times they have to empty the bin of their new automatic vacuum and that it’s too small. This is normal for the first couple of weeks as your new housemate finds plenty to pick up in places you thought you were cleaning. This should all settle down after a while and the regular scheduling will keep your home looking super clean.

Cables and tassels are another bugbear for your new robot. They will tend to eat them and then be sick on them. I mean they will try to devour whole cord only to get stuck and be unable to return to the charging base rendering them useless. A quick check of your cables and tassels will ensure you have trouble free cleaning.

A final note will be to check that the drop sensors on any automatic vacuum can ‘see’ the drop on your stairway if you take them upstairs. Sometimes they get confused and race to the edge only to fall down the stairs and end up broken. The DeeBot N79 has a particular trouble ‘seeing’ dark flooring and thick pile carpets, so you cannot say you haven’t been warned!


I think you will note that it is no secret here that the ECOVACS DeeBot M80 is the better option to choose over the ECOVACS DeeBot N79. It has a turbo mode, voice activation and a mapping feature. Make the right decision though initially, by deciding what floor types you have, because if you have deeper pile rugs and carpets neither of these will be suitable for your home.

Adam Hunter

Adam is a review and comparison specialist and is developing more and more in the Automatic Vacuum industry. Also searching for that next innovation, Adam is enthusiastic to find the ultimate automatic vacuum to complete his world! Coming to this site, Adam was just starting out as a writer and we expect great things from him in the near future.

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