EcoVacs DeeBot N78 Review

EcoVac has been aiming to develop up to 20 robotic products a year since it began in 2006 and the DeeBot N78 is one of those amazing creations it developed, but you will be even more impressed by the tangle-free approach to vacuuming it has!

As robotic vacuums develop each year so the variations of vacuums also increase and EcoVac is certainly aiming to target the many households which have solid floors.

Increasingly homes are designed with an open plan feel today and hard floors come as standard as a way to reduce dirt and improve health. That is what makes this DeeBot N78 a perfect fit to keep your home looking and feeling clean and tidy.

Here is a short video to introduce the DeeBot N78.

So, does the DeeBot N78 live up to those expectations?

Before we begin let’s examine what we get in the box.

What’s in the Box for DeeBot N78?

This is what you can expect to receive in the box with your DeeBot N78.

DeeBot N78
DeeBot N78 Floor Cleaning Robot
Charging Dock
Remote Control (with 2 Batteries)
Replacement High-Efficiency Filter
Replacement Sponge Filter
4x Side Brushes
Instruction Manual
Quick Start Guide
12-month Warranty

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The Finer Details

The N78 really is a brilliant friend that saves you time and improves your environment too. Equipped with a High-Efficiency Air filtration system and a user-friendly remote, the N78 is able to remove debris, pet hair and dirt.

The N78 isn’t suitable for medium to long hair carpets though. So bear this in mind when purchasing one. It will do a little light cleaning on thin carpets but this automatic vacuum is really suited for hard floors.

DeeBot N78 Features

The N78 has a whole host of features. Let’s examine them in detail.

EcoVac, DeeBot N78, Vacuum Fanatics, Reviews and Comparisons, Automatic Vacuum Cleaners, QuietQuiet Cleaning

I have been reviewing automatic vacuums for a while now and the one issue many users have is the noise from their vacuum cleaners. The N78 has really taken this as a major consideration and is now one of the quietest cleaners on the market. Only 56db which is lower than normal conversation. (Whisper quiet when comparing it to a teenager on the phone!)

Tangle-free Suction

The Deebot N78 sweeps up debris and dirt and then vacuums it up without the normal rotating rollers. This means that debris, dust and hair are swept by the side brushes into the vacuum and sucked into the bin. There is little agitation of the dirt before it is vacuumed up leaving a cleaner quality of air.

Large bin

Another complaint that EcoVac has considered is the bin size and they have equipped the DeeBot N78 with a larger bin (0.5litre) to handle more debris and require less interaction from the user.

Long Run Time

The N78 is able to run for up to 110 minutes which should allow for a thorough clean of most homes. This extra cleaning time will make use of that large bin too, as it picks up as much as possible during its cleaning cycle.

Automatic Recharging

The Home base is easily located by the N78 and when it is getting close to running out of charge it will make its way back to the home station and recharge automatically. This is perfect if you need to go out or have scheduled the vacuum to run at a daily set time. You can also send it Home directly from the remote.

EcoVac, DeeBot N78, Vacuum Fanatics, Reviews and Comparisons, Automatic Vacuum Cleaners, remoteSupplied Remote

For a budget model, the DeeBot N78 certainly has things covered and you can set your vacuum to begin cleaning and even select one of the cleaning modes through the remote. Making interacting with it easier, less bending down and more suitable for those who are less agile.

3 Cleaning Modes

Apart from your normal day to day cleaning the DeeBot N78 can also be ‘told’ what type of cleaning you would prefer it to do. It has 3 modes, selectable from the unit or from the remote itself. Auto mode for day to day cleaning, Edge Cleaning mode, for ensuring your room is clean from edge to edge, and Spot Cleaning mode for spills or areas of more concentrated dirt.

Obstacle and Drop Detection

The DeeBot N78 avoids obstacles using its anti-collision sensors and it also has anti-drop sensors too, so it can be left to clean upstairs without it falling down them. (Though it is always recommended that this is checked during the first few runs)

High-Efficiency Filter

Aimed at reducing airborne particles, the DeeBot N78 removes many of the particles and dust that cause breathing difficulties. This makes it ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers, reducing the dust and pet dander in the air as it cleans. They are washable too, so you can keep your home clean for longer.

Below is a table view of the EcoVac DeeBot N78 features:

FeaturesSpecsRoomba 980
SmartMulti-Room Cleaning
Auto Return to Base
Cliff-detection sensors
3 Cleaning Modes
Anti-Tangle System
SimpleSupplied Remote
Specific to Hard Flooring
Scheduling with one click
Quiet - only 56db
CleanHigh- Efficiency Air Filtration System
Tangle-Free suction
2 x Edge-Sweeping Brush
Running TimeUp to 110minutes
OthersNickel Metal Hydride battery (NiMH)3000 mAh
Cleaning Mode OptionsAuto Cleaning
Edge to Edge Cleaning
Spot Cleaning
Robot Weight9.7 lbs (4.4 kg)
Robot Diameter 13.9 in (353 mm)
Robot Height3.3 in (83.82 mm)

Some consideration of the DeeBot N78

EcoVac, DeeBot N78, Vacuum Fanatics, Reviews and Comparisons, Automatic Vacuum Cleaners, tangle-free

The N78 is a budget automatic vacuum cleaner and for the price, the customer really is getting a great deal on a vacuum which aims to improve air quality and requires the least human interaction as possible to do its job.

There are a few limitations though that need to be considered to ensure the DeeBot N78 meets your requirements.

The remote – Although designed with simplicity in mind it may at first seem inadequate. The DeeBot N78 doesn’t have a scheduling ability other than when you first press the Auto button. This then starts up a 7 day, regular once a day, clean at the exact time you pressed the button. So for example, if you press the auto schedule button at 9am in the morning, that is when your schedule for cleaning is set.

Some users have expressed that this is their major gripe with this vacuum, but I don’t think it is a deal breaker due to its other abilities. It just means setting the schedule and then forgetting it. I also like to think of it as a press and forget. It is a simple as can be! No more pressing buttons to get the right time and select a day etc.

The DeeBot N78 is also not a WiFi-enabled model, so you cannot control it through Amazon Alexa or Google Home, nor will you have the ability to control it through an app. Again, this is not a major issue, but a feature that is found on the DeeBot N79 for not much more money.

The N78 is also very low to the ground. That is to ensure it ‘sucks’ as much dirt and debris as is possible for this vacuum. Personally, I think that is exactly what I want, but I am aware that a few users complain that it gets stuck occasionally as it passes over door thresholds or slightly larger rugs.

The primary function of the DeeBot N78 is to vacuum flat hard floors and it does this very well, but if you have many levels in your home this is perhaps not the ideal solution for you.

Finally, don’t be confused by the similarly named EcoVac DeeBot DN78 which has a mop feature. The D78 does not have this functionality and should be kept away from water.

Teething Issues

Every new device that enters your home has to go through a learning phase, or rather the user needs to adjust to this new piece of equipment. So be aware of a few common teething issues when you first introduce your Vacuum to your home:

The bin always seems full – This is always an oversight initially. For the first 1-2 weeks, your automatic vacuum will run every day without fail and so is inclined to find more dirt than the odd weekly vacuum you may have previously done. Keep emptying the bin while it charges and all will be fine.

It eats cables – We often don’t realise it but when we vacuum by hand we avoid obstacles and items and vacuum around or under them, however, an automatic vacuum sees a flat surface and continues to vacuum away. Getting used to clearing cables, small toys and other items from the floor before it starts is important.

It doesn’t like water – If you have pets and you have water bowls down, pick them up while the vacuum is running. The N78 does not have a feature to avoid the bowls so avoid that disappointment when you return home to find water everywhere and a broken vacuum.


We think the EcoVac DeeBot N78 is a perfect vacuum for an apartment with flat hardwood flooring with or without a pet. It will suck all that debris, pet dander and hair up with ease, and because it is tangle-free, you only need empty the bin with an occasional clean from time to time. A simple effective vacuum for the modern home.

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Adam is a review and comparison specialist and is developing more and more in the Automatic Vacuum industry. Also searching for that next innovation, Adam is enthusiastic to find the ultimate automatic vacuum to complete his world! Coming to this site, Adam was just starting out as a writer and we expect great things from him in the near future.

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