Deebot N79 vs ILIFE A4S Comparison

One key feature that separates current robotic vacuums from one another is the capability of WIFI. This feature may unlock history view, control functions and of course offers voice control. But is that all that matters when comparing models? Here we compare the EcoVac DeeBot N79 with the ILIFE A4S to discover what really matters more.

DeeBot and ILIFE are developing some incredible automatic vacuums. They already have in their line up robots which mop, only focus on homes with pets and they both have dual side brushes so that all dirt and debris is collected from edges and chair legs.

Both companies are also looking at ways of improving air quality from the exhaust too, ensuring that the fine dust particles and allergens associated with breathing conditions are reduced as much as possible.

Let’s look at what you get in the box from both models first.

What’s in the Box?

Charging baseHome Base Charging Station
AC Power AdapterAdapter
Side brushes x 4Side Brushes x 2
Sponge FilterCleaning Tool
Remote Control (With Batteries)Remote Control (With NO Batteries)
High Efficiency filterHEPA Filter
Instruction ManualInstruction Manual
12-month warranty12-month warranty

A Side By Side Feature Comparison of the DeeBot N79 and the ILIFE A4S

Before we discuss the merits and considerations of either model, let’s run through a side by side comparison of the key features each model has.

 EcoVac Deebot N79ILIFE A4S
Dimensions13 inch Diameter by 3.1 high12.2 inch Diameter by 3 high
Home Base ChargingYesYes
Automatic ReturnYesYes
Invisible Wall BarrierNoNo
Multi-surface BrushesYesYes
Edge Sweeping BrushYes - TwinYes - Twin
Drop SensorsYesYes
Turbo ModeNoYes - (Max is 5x more powerful than A4)
BatteryHigh-Capacity Li-Ion BatteryHigh-Capacity Li-Ion Battery
Battery Life100 mins120 mins
Filter TypeHigh Efficiency FilterHEPA Filter
WIFI ConnectedYesNo
App AvailableYesNo
Alexa and Google Assistant CompatibleNoNo
RemoteYes - batteries includedYes - (batteries NOT included)
Warranty12 Months Warranty12 Months Warranty

There are some small differences noticeable right away and that should be giving you a clue as to what you really are looking for in an automatic vacuum cleaner. Namely runtime, filter type and accessibility in my opinion.

What Makes Them Different?

If we are to consider these two robotic vacuums we should note that their size and runtime is different. These, of course, are only two small aspects of good vacuums but they may need to take preference when you consider a budget automatic vacuum.

ILIFE A4S, Vacuum Fanatics, Reviews and Comparisons of Robotic Cleaners

ILIFE A4S Low Profile

The ILIFE A4S is smaller and runs longer. It needs mentioning too, that the new addition of the Turbo mode really creates an intriguing development. Having the ability to use the turbo mode in areas you require a deeper clean may just be what sways you in your purchase.

The filters are similar but the ILIFE again aims to promote its filter as a HEPA filter, whereas the DeeBot N79 promotes theirs as a High-Efficiency Filter. This should be a serious consideration if you have someone who is particularly allergic to pet dander or dust within the home.

The reason this is so important is that your automatic vacuum may run for up to 2 hours before automatically returning to base to recharge. That is a lot of time air is being sucked into the vacuum and then pushed back out again. If your filter is poor or clogged your air quality will be poor and the efficiency of your automatic vacuum will suffer with it.

It is certainly a consideration to purchase a vacuum with an excellent filter and should be noted here as a major difference between the two models.

Now both models are also supplied with remotes which I believe to be a genius stroke. It saves all the messing about with buttons on the vacuums themselves and allows you to get up and running in no time.

The remotes also allow for scheduling the cleaning cycles too, and that is simply done from the comfort of your seat. What is different though and how you perceive this, is that ILIFE does not ship batteries with their remote for the ILIFE A4S, whereas EcoVac does supply batteries for the remote for the N79.

This shouldn’t matter really, and I can appreciate the cost saving involved to make the price more appealing by reducing ‘additional’ accessories that the buyer can purchase for themselves or may already have laying around but it just seems like a cut too far.

EcoVac, Deebot N79, Vacuum Fanatics, Reviews, Comparisons

DeeBot N79 Wifi with App

The other difference is that the DeeBot N79 is Wifi enabled. This feature, paired together with an app that you can freely obtain from the online stores, allows for you to access your DeeBot from anywhere in your house, AND you can schedule it on a device you know already.

This is really important to be able to control your automatic vacuum from an app. You do not have to be in range of it, unlike a remote, and you can set it to clean when you wish, direct it to clean a particularly dirty room, or tell it to return to base if you have had enough and want some quiet.


Unfortunately, for reasons which allude even the savviest of reviewers, the DeeBot N79 is not, and I will say it again, NOT compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. For that added extra you will need to consider the DeeBot N79S.

This shouldn’t concern you too much if you have already purchased a DeeBot N79, it is a good vacuum which is more than capable of being controlled from the app on your phone, but it is a little short sighted considering you have to purchase another whole vacuum to be able to have that feature enabled.

EcoVac, Deebot N79, Vacuum Fanatics, Reviews, Comparisons

EcoVac DeeBot N79

The filter must be a major consideration for the reasons stated above too. If you have pets and want as much of the dander and debris removed from your floors, the last thing you will want is to have the air full of dust due to a poor choice in the filter.

The final consideration is the size and weight of these two vacuums. The size you buy really does matter. You may have a low bed and purchasing a vacuum that is unable to clean under it because it is too tall will frustrate you. However, it is not the height of these models that is a huge difference. In fact, they are one of the lowest models on the market currently.

No, the difference is in diameter. The N79 is 13 inches while the ILIFE A4S is only 12.2 inches. This is enough to decide on as your chair legs may and may not allow the N79 to pass between them!

How DO I Choose Between the DeeBot N79 and the ILIFE A4S?

Type of home you have!


First, think about what floor types you have. Do you own a lot of furniture and are there many rooms to navigate?

Once you have an idea of type and size, it is time to consider how dirty your home is getting. I mean this in the most sincere way possible, but if you are a family of 5 with 2 cats and a dog, you are going to have far more dirt and debris brought into your home than a person who lives by themselves and likes things spotless.

Consider the ILIFE A4S for long cleaning routines, HEPA filter and the Turbo mode for homes that require considerable cleaning. It is designed to run for a long time and wander about cleaning up around the space.

If you have a smaller home with less debris, the DeeBot N79 is probably going to be your choice. It has the handy app for you to access and control when you are not nearby and easy to schedule too.

Teething Troubles

The DeeBot N79 has been said to be a bit heavy handed when bumping into furniture. Bear this in mind for your pet bowls that have food or water in it. There is nothing worse than returning home to discover water everywhere and a dead automatic vacuum cleaner.

The other issue most troubling new owners is that the bin fills very quickly the first couple of weeks. Persist with it and as your home gets cleaner you will be impressed to find that the small bin is ample for the majority of homes.

Finally, your home base must not be obstructed by objects nearby it. Keep it against a wall and make sure your automatic vacuum cleaner can return to it unhindered.


The DeeBot N79 is very appealing at first when you read that it is Wifi enabled but when you discover that it is not able to be voice controlled then it seems less of a bonus. The ILIFE A4S isn’t trying to be anything else other than a great automatic vacuum at a budget price. Great suction, excellent filter and turbo mode make this our choice.

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