Deebot N79/N79S vs Roomba 690 Comparison

iRobot has been developing automatic vacuum cleaners since 2002 and has one of the best reputations on the market. EcoVac has been developing automatic vacuums since 2007. Both companies produce great vacuums so here is the EcoVac Deebot N79/N79S vs iRobot Roomba 690 comparison.

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iRobot has come a long way since those early days. Back in 2002, an automatic vacuum would have really been quite featureless, and with the express purpose of vacuuming your floor, not much else was available to the user, that was once you got over the huge price tag.

Today, that has vastly changed. Automatic Vacuum cleaners are becoming more common and their sleek design fits right into most home décor. Their functionality has also made a giant leap forward, even being able to use voice control.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves, let’s look at what you can expect to get in the box.

What’s in the Box?

Here is what you receive with each model:

DeeBot N79SDeeBot N79Roomba 690
Charging baseCharging baseHome Base Charging Station
AC Power AdapterAC Power Adapter1 Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier (Batteries Included)
Side brushes x 4Side brushes x 41 Flat Cleaning Tool
Sponge FilterSponge FilterExtra filter
Remote Control (With Batteries)Remote Control (With Batteries)Owners Guide
High Efficiency filterHigh Efficiency filter12-month warranty
Amazon Alexa/Google HomeInstruction Manual
Max Mode12-month warranty
Instruction Manual
12-month warranty

Now let’s examine the differences between these models.

Our side by side comparison of the EcoVac Deebot N79/N79S and the iRobot Roomba 690

How do they stack up side by side?

 EcoVac Deebot N79SEcoVac Deebot N79iRobot Roomba 690
Dimensions13 inch Diameter by 3.1 high13 inch Diameter by 3.1 high13 inch Diameter by 3.7 high
Home Base ChargingYesYesYes
Automatic ReturnYesYesYes
Invisible Wall BarrierNoNoYes - Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier
Multi-surface BrushesYesYesYes
Edge Sweeping BrushYes - TwinYes - TwinYes - One
Drop SensorsYesYesYes
Turbo ModeEquipped with Max ModeNoNo
BatteryHigh-Capacity Li-Ion BatteryHigh-Capacity Li-Ion BatteryHigh-Capacity Li-Ion Battery
Battery Life100 mins100 mins60 mins
Filter TypeHigh Efficiency FilterHigh Efficiency FilterAeroVac™ Filter
WIFI ConnectedYesYesYes
Alexa and Google Assistant CompatibleCompatible with Amazon AlexaNoYes
RemoteYes - batteries includedYes - batteries includedNo
Warranty12 Months Warranty12 Months Warranty12 Months Warranty

As you can see, all are very capable automatic vacuums and will certainly be able to keep your home clean. The DEEBOT N79S is an upgraded version of the DEEBOT N79 which is equipped with  Max Mode air suction option. When you choose the Max mode, the vacuum will increase its suction power by 50% to make a deep cleanning. In addition, the N79S is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Now let’s examine those differences a little closer.

What makes them different?


Cost is always a deciding factor and here you are really getting the cream of the crop from iRobot in this price range. The Roomba 690 has great technology for an amazing price, but the EcoVac Deebot N79/N79S offers that and a little extra off the price too.

Leaving the brand names out of it for a moment, it would seem the Deebot N79/N79S is the better purchase. Even Amazon sells the Deebot N79/N79S as one of its ‘Amazon recommends’ products.

But we cannot leave brand names out of it. The advancement alone that the Roomba 690 brings with it is very important. From the navigation technology to the high filtration of air particles from the vacuum. It is designed to ensure you have a better experience.

Motor Power & Noisy

Roomba 600 3-stage cleaning system

The powerful motor of the Roomba 690 consistently picks up dirt and debris time and time again, but the result is a noisy vacuum that you need to leave running when you are away from the room.ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning System

The Deebot N79/N79S, on the other hand, it runs a lot quieter, but this also results in a more inconsistent cleaning approach. Every run seems different and the quantity it picks up varies in each outing it takes. Though this at first may seem a major issue, users report that it is not a major inadequacy but just that it may be noticeable from time to time.

Cleaner Weight & Volume

The N79/N79S is also thinner and lighter than the Roomba 690. This makes it easier to pick up and move around, which comes in handy if it has been lost in your home somewhere and run out of battery. It is also able to reach under lower furniture too!

Both the Deebot and the Roomba are not the thinnest on the market. You can visit our review of the Eufy RoboVac 11 vs ILIFE A6 Automatic Vacuum Comparison and appreciate how low an automatic vacuum can go. Although lacking in some features those models are some of the thinnest on the market and at a great price too.


EcoVac Deebot N79 vs iRobot Roomba 690 BrushThe Roomba has many strengths though. It has the clever dual surface, multi-level brush which is designed to maximise dirt pickup and operate on all floor types. The brushes’ key feature is it’s ability not to get hair tangled in it, much to pet owners approval.

The Deebot N79/N79S also offers a multi-surface brush but it does allow hair to tangle around it and requires close observation to ensure it is kept in an optimal state by using the multi-function cleaning tool.


EcoVac Deebot N79 vs iRobot Roomba 690 Filter

The filter types are different too. The Deebot is supplied with a High-Efficiency filter that according to their website, “…reduces airborne contributors associated with allergies and asthma.” This has got to be a serious consideration for those who suffer from poor breathing.

The Roomba 690 offers the Aerovac™ Filter to reduce dust and debris, but many buyers go onto to improving the filter later on. (Though be aware that by putting a finer filter in either vacuum that your suction power is reduced and you will also cause it to run at a higher temperature and suffer a reduction in battery life.)

Considerations of the Deebot N79/N79S and Roomba 690

It should be mentioned that both the Deebot N79/N79S and the Roomba 690 are Wifi Connected. This is a huge bonus to the automatic vacuum cleaner market. As newer models offer Wifi as standard, the budget models are still catching up in this area, so this is a major bonus.

They are both easily connected to your smartphone so you can operate and schedule your cleaning schedules remotely. Even away from your home while you are at work, you can activate your vacuum to begin cleaning. The apps are easily downloadable from the App and Play stores for Android and iPhone though there are differences between them.

The Roomba 690 is also able to be voice controlled by Amazon Alexa, and Google Home making your home that bit smarter. The Deebot N79/N79S is unable at this time to be able to support that functionality though I don’t think it will be too long before it is standard. The Deebot N79/N79S does provide a remote as standard though, making setting up easy from the get-go.

The iRobot App does have a few innovative touches too. You can set the schedule, check what has been cleaned and review a cleaning history.

EcoVac, Deebot N79, Vacuum Fanatics, Reviews, Comparisons

The EcoVac App also allows scheduling and a locator function, but best of all is the ability to select one of the 4 programmable cleaning modes and control it too.

The Deebot N79 has these 4 cleaning modes so you can control what and how it cleans. Its auto mode will clean a whole room and will take a considerable time to do so too. It also has single room clean, spot mode and edge cleaning for those difficult edges that just don’t seem to get cleaned regularly.  And that, the N79S add a new mode, the Max Mode, which will increase the air suction power by 50%.

The dual side brushes of the Deebot also allows it to reach areas that require more cleaning than the iRobot, which only has the single side brush.

iRobot, Roomba 690, Vacuum Fanatics, Reviews, Comparisons

The iRobot does have a few functions of its own, and it is able to auto-detect when it needs to clean a spot a little more thoroughly than the rest of the floor using Dirt Detect™ Technology.

The Roomba 690 works with the Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier too, which is supplied, and an excellent addition to your automatic vacuum avoiding places like your pets water bowl.

 How to choose between them

This was always going to be difficult to choose. On the one hand, you have the price to consider, but then that isn’t always the major factor when looking at these two Vacuums.

The EcoVac Deebot N79/N79S does seem to have a better standard filter than the Roomba 690, ensuring your air is cleaner as well as your floor.

The N79/N79S is also thinner and has the ability to be controlled by an App on your phone. All that for an automatic vacuum under $300 is brilliant.

However, the Roomba 690 is tried and tested by a company dedicated to automatic vacuum cleaners. It has a powerful motor and its ability to sense dirt and clean more really does make this a consideration.

The Dual Mode Virtual wall Barrier though may just seal the deal here. When it comes down to your automatic vacuum avoiding a water bowl or your grandmothers’ antique side table you want to be sure it won’t bump and knock sensitive items and damage them and for that, the Roomba may just edge forward.

Teething Troubles

It is always important to be aware of the initial issues with any automatic vacuum and they normally centre around the bin filling too quickly before cleaning has been completed. This is normal for the first couple of weeks as your vacuum begins to suck up dirt and debris more thoroughly and regularly.

There is also maintenance too, keeping the rollers and side brushes clean as well as the filters. You will be surprised at how much is removed from the air once these machines get to work.

A final precaution, you will save yourself a lot of bother if your pick up cables and items from the floor before your automatic friend gets to work. An automatic vacuum with a cable in its jaws can cause a lot of damage…


I think either of these two budget Vacuum cleaners from well-known manufacturers with a keen eye for detail really is a great decision. However, I think the iRobot Roomba 690 really is the better option for not a lot more money.

The voice control, ability to use the Dual Mode Virtual Barriers and an upgrade to the filter should make this an excellent choice for your home.

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