Welcome to Vacuum Fanatics

Yes, we are totally swept away by the automatic vacuuming revolution and our search for the perfect vacuum that can get on and do its job without our involvement is our key aim.

Our merry band started off with us just talking about how it would be great to discuss our love for these technological wonders that have given back so much of our time, to a site which we are growing continuously.

Offering information on the big and small brands in the industry, we evaluate and review them and their fit for purpose usefulness. We find out whether they are additions to a home or just a large doorstop.

We all have the same issues. Get up, work, play and go to bed and those little tasks that need to be kept on top of just seem to linger. I cannot tell you how much having my floors cleaned to a schedule when I am just getting ready for work has improved my mood and my home.

I use my vacuum as an alarm. Setting the schedule to begin at 6:00am, so that when my friendly companion comes rolling into the room it is nearly 6:15am and I am aware that I am to get up and out the door.

I can leave my home and know that when I get back there the vacuum sits charging and waiting for me to empty its bin and continue with its work in the morning. Just perfect!

Meet the Team

Our little band started off with Scarlett Green and Benjamin Wood who soon realised that they were looking for another keen enthusiast. That is when me, Adam Hunter, arrived on the scene and with his expertise in copywriting, really pushed forward to create something useful to everyone.

Scarlet Green is our technical wizard. Putting together our images and layout. She is always tinkering with little items, but soon, she tells me, the site will reflect her perfection.

Scarlet started off with a Roomba back in 2008 when cats riding Roombas was all the craze. I am not sure what she would do if her little friendly bot wasn’t there! It always has some reminder post it on it so she doesn’t forget to buy the milk or something.

Benjamin Wood is our tester. He has since 2003 been playing with robotics in one form or another and this is just an amazing outlet for him. Give him a robot and he will have it stripped down and rebuilt and tell you everything it is capable of doing.

Pushing them to their limits, Ben does his best to find out what automatic vacuums lack and how they may need to be improved. Suggesting alternatives or even quick fixes. His ultimate triumph was mimicking DJ Roomba, from the famous TV hit show ‘Parks and Recreation’, where he attached his iPod and speakers and made it play music around the house while it vacuumed. Genius I think!

Me, well I am Adam Hunter, the main writer for the site. I try to put into words what we all have been discussing. From teething problems to great innovations, I try to note them all down. Coming from a writing background (and still do!), I try to convey what a user may be looking for and how it might be of help to you.

I have to admit that I am conscious of price too, and that really it needs to be measured against the value of the machine, but I try not to talk about that too much.

What’s Vacuum Fanatics Aim?

The fantastic 3 built this site to make it a place we could discuss automatic vacuums and openly say whether we thought they were good or not. Each vacuum seems to be suitable for someone, so we are sure you will find a vacuum that will suit your home and your needs.

From pet owners looking to keep on top of shedding animals to the clean conscious and allergy sufferers amongst us, the automatic vacuum is really becoming a necessary part of the home.

With the advent of voice control from Amazon Alexa and Google Home too, the innovation to create a Smart Home is not far away now.

We hope you find the model or the robotic vacuum that suits your needs and should you not, you can always ask us to write you a review on what we think. Just reach out and get in contact.

In the meantime, I am off to get Ben to take his work a bit more serious and get my little fingers writing our next review.

Thanks for dropping by.

All the best from the Vacuum Fanatics Team.